The Dying Winter…

The Winter was a trying one for Lycosia. Even the usually temperate, Southern lands and tropical East suffered through a fey season. The scarcity of last Summer birthed the famine and suffering of Winter. Fortunately the gods, may their wisdom be praised, did lift the twin-scourges of plague and murrain from our towns and herds. Though the ground remains too frozen to bury the dead remain deceased, awaiting burial.

We are through the dark, cold days indistinguishable from the frigid, brutal nights. The endless blizzards which scourged the lands and battered our sanity have spent their fury. The sun claims more days now and the land begins to stir from its frozen torpor. Spring is coming. These last few days of snow and cold are of a dying Winter.

Hail and Well Met!

The site has just recently been launched and, as such, is sparsely populated with content and thickly populated with errors. The “engine” that runs the site is still being tweaked and adjusted to offer a custom experience that a play-by-post RPG and fictional setting requires.

If you’re new to the site please stop by the “Introductions” thread in the General Discussion to introduce yourself.

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The General Discussion forum is also a great place to start an out of character dialogue

Updates: July, 2020

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The site is now out of maintenance mode and accepting members! While the role-playing is primarily focused on the setting of Lycosia, other sub-forums have been created and are available to explore. If you have an idea for an additional sub-forum or are looking for a new, free home for your role-playing setting/group/discussion then look no further! MT can provide free sub-forum hosting with the potential for future site/sub-domain hosting. If you’re interested reach out via email to and let me know.

The enormous effort of rebuilding this storied entity will require lots of help.  As such, I am desperately searching for people interested in becoming a “community guide”.

This role is sort of a mix of moderator, mentor, and storyteller.  Some of the tasks that could potentially fall under the purview of this role:

  • Moderate forum content (move/edit/delete posts).
  • Provide assistance to members (greetings, suggestions, answers).
  • Develop new content (In Character development, forum areas, WikiContent, rules).
  • Engage in dialogue regarding the direction of The Mystic Tavern.
  • Encourage growth by serving as an ambassador for The Mystic Tavern to other communities.

Although there are no set attributes or requirements for an applicant being familiar with role-playing (forum/chat/email) is helpful.  A basic technical aptitude is also helpful since this forum and wiki (forthcoming) can require you to tackle tasks specific to those platforms. If you are interested reach out in the comments of this post or shoot an email to and let me know. Community guides are receive a cool forum badge and their own email address!