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Count Agares
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    It was his favorite part, that moment when the quickling came to the realization that there were other things in this universe than the paltry mundane beings whose hearts beat. That monsters were real, and sure the pure golden sunshine existed too.. but who really ever wants to doubt that? The smile began to form, so many weaving narratives to contemplate in those few moments. Again, how fleeting. The words came through, almost brushing his perfect lips, “Oh, but that is exactly what I must do.”

    When the story, he had danced through so many times before, was cut short. Another intruder, much ruder than the first, and with such indignation. It was as if he was the one interrupting her night.

    Firmly, with purpose, he stepped one foot back. Another. It took such effort, but he had to make a point. His hands came up to his face, his lips weaved from a grin into a smile and into laughter. His eyes almost beating, he scanned the scene before him as a playwright with a cast member who decided to adlib their lines. What to do next?

    Another cigarette, another combustion, inhalation. Letting out a small sigh, never losing his smile.

    “There were always rules. I followed them. For thousands of years.”

    He was finding his footing, he began to slowly pace around them, his leather shoes splashing through the small puddles that had formed.

    “One day, the big light above went out. And do you know what happens to lava when it gets far enough away from the heat that had produced it?”

    Dragging out the words, between the soft pull of the fire and smoke. His being seemed to lose itself and repair, tentacles of darkness pulling at the foundations of his material form, at times he didn’t seem to have legs at all. The sound of the splash – gone.

    “Well, Lucifer turned to stone.” A pause, as if he half expected that giant hand to push through the surface and expunge him “Everyone down there?” He pointed at the black top full of potholes and divots. “They are all fighting for control. No one is watching. No one has been in quite some time.”

    He stopped abruptly, the hand holding the cigarette made its way to his chin. His eyes suddenly looking past them. “So I ask myself, when the dance begins. Why bother? Give you an offer, you accept – every human has a price, you have your fun, and then I tear you to pieces.” His eyes jutting towards them. Flames almost overtaking what corporeal form his eyes still exist in. Oh how he enjoyed that part. When it was his turn to take.

    Then the smile. Reforming into material right before them. “Why not just skip the steps?” The cigarette butt dropped from his fingers. “Feed you to my thralls and end the dance?”