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    She was still standing in front of Alan when the thing began to circle—a move that forced her to circle, too. Seeking to protect her friend, she matched the demon’s movements (and by now, she was certain…this was no fellow vampire. This was no corrupted fae. It was something wholly worse). As if taking part in some perverse version of a dance, or a courtship ritual, she mirrored his pacing. The thing’s voice was silky, almost distressingly so, and she found it hard to concentrate when it spoke. Shaking her head to clear her thoughts, she scowled.

    “Look, I don’t believe in God, let alone the fucking devil. Those are dusty mortal constructs. And I don’t know from what pit (she spat the word bitterly) you ascended, but you’re on the wrong block, now. This city is teeming with people desperate to make a deal. He—“ She jerked her thumb towards Alan, “—is mine. Not yours.”

    Watching the way the shadows writhed and coiled around him, she suppressed a shudder. But she held steady. Her upper lip curled as he (and she was sure, now, that “it” was a “he”) continued the unbidden soliloquy. She’d begun to gently push Alan back, towards the safety of a building and the light it afforded, when the stranger suddenly materialized in front of them.

    She gave her human charge a pointed look and wordlessly gave direction (“goddammit, Alan. Go! I’ll be fine”). Pulling tight her worn leather jacket and planting her feet, she looked straight into the twin flames that served as the demon’s eyes.

    “Skip the steps? Utterly improper. What is it that you want? And don’t you dare say him…” she motioned with her head to the now-distant figure of Alan.