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Count Agares
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    He stood. Stood and looked at her. She was undead, so perfectly undead. A Vampire, no less. He always wondered what it must be like, these creatures who dance between the mortal realm and the divine. – The utter gall, the utter gall, to interrupt his game. It was his game, his dance, his play. His fingers pulled at his lower lip as he pondered it, pondered this situation, pondered the predicament he was in. It was his duty to seek out the weak and give them momentary heaven for an eternity of damnation, and it was this damned creature who stopped it. They weren’t meant to. A vampire with a heart? He wondered how it would taste. The lifeless and cold heart, alive but not, sitting within her chest. Focus.

    “Do you know how much paperwork comes with taking one of your kind?” Biting his lip now, as he shook his head, so full of hunger and lust for that sweet soul that had just slipped from his grasp “You’re basically part of a union. If I take you I have to deal with the repercussions as your Master passes a complaint onto their Master onto their Master” his fingers played with the numbers, as if trying to justify it in his head” and on and on to their Lord who then meets with the council and then calls in the Dukes who have to go over the protocol.” His fingers rubbing his forehead at this point, as he lets out another chuckle. “Then I would have to go to Rome and meet with the representatives..” he began to trail off. Stop. Focus.


    “However.” He steps forward, directly forward. “I cannot let this intrusion go unpunished. Whether you believe, or don’t.. And must I say how humorous I find it. Each and every time.” The pacing again, this time encompassing her and only her, slowly inching closer “Each predator thinks that they stand on the top of the food chain. Each predator in disbelief that something could hunt them.” His eyes probing her, his sight clinging to her as a spiders web to a fly. He could feel every muscle tensing in her body. He could feel her uncertainty, but she was lacking fear. The fear he desired. “So…” he stops, standing mere inches from her. Eye to eye “What to do with you, as you let that plump bag of blood and flesh go scampering off after he had so wet my appetite? A deal? No. You have no soul to trade.” So what to do with her? It hadn’t come up before. What to do when one of the magical beings stepped in to save a human? All of these eons…

    Why do good if there is no reward? He could feel it. He had saved her. She felt indebted. How glorious.. this would be a new game.