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Count Agares
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    He watched her, the anger growing inside her. Oh, those seven deadly sins. Which was hers? It wasn’t anger. Anyone could tell she wore it unnaturally, like a prostitute wearing a wedding dress on a street corner. No matter. He would find out soon enough. Was it as enjoyable to bring the undead into sin as much as a mortal? No. Though, he did sometimes revel in it. Mister? Mister. A smile. It was time to offer a deal, whether a soul or not, he would take. He always took. Though, as his lips began to move a strange taste washed over his tongue. Copper. Copper? A cleansing breath. No. There was no soapy input that could clean this momentary calamity. That perfectly sculpted unholy face crinkled up. It was blood. His mortal shell dropped to the ground, lifeless, as a curtain at the beginning of a play. Or, if one was so inclined, this was the end of the prelude. The hero enters.

    The red was let away and replaced with black. Another smile. Did every villain smile? So many faces with so many pleasantries hiding so many vile acts. Bonded in tight leather, the vampire Agares stood before her. The small remnants, a hill, of the human possessed by a demon was all that stood between he and Talpa. The side of his blade held out toward her, coated in the residue of the demonic.

    “Have you tasted Demon blood?” His green eyes flayed with the corpse like qualities of the undead. “The first time I tried it I was living with the Aghori in the crematory grounds of India. I’ve become quite the addict for it.”